FA 2023 pictures and syncing

What will happen if I replace the Anki deck FA pictures with FA 2023 pictures? Will they all disappear every time I sync with Ankihub?

If you protect the first aid field, whatever you place in there will stay and not be changed. So make sure you protect the field first then you should be good to go. when you go on ankihub.com, go to Anking overhaul, once you’re in the main page where it says the rules, press on the 3 dots on the top right, manage protected data, find first aid field, then make sure that is ticked, then whatever you add wont be affected :slight_smile:

Perfect! I’ll do that until Ankihub gets updated with FA 2023

Also, do you know why pathoma and BnB fields are ticked? Why doesn’t Ankihub update them?

Those fields are for users to put images of pathoma or BNB if they would like, we dont not have the rights to those materials, so they are for you if you’d like to add anything