🀝 Subscribing to a Deck

:handshake: Subscribe to a Deck

Subscriptions are the way to keep you updated with the last changes of a Deck.

Subscribe on the web app.

  • Go to the AnkiHub explore page
  • Find the deck you want to subscribe to.
  • Click the Subscribe to Deck button (You should have an active membership).


Unsubscribe from the web app

  • Go to the page of one of the previously subscribed decks.
  • Click the Subscribed button.


Unsubscribe from the add-on.

  • Go to the add-on by clicking on β€œAnkiHub” at the top of your Anki application.
  • Go to Deck Management -> Select the deck you want to unsubscribe from.
  • Click the Unsubscribe button.

:rocket: Next Step

Make sure to go to Anki and click sync to install the deck you have subscribed to

:lock: Managing Protected Data

You may want to use the Manage Protected Data feature to protect specific note fields and/or tags from being overwritten by the AnkiHub deck.

Note: When suggesting a change to AnkiHub, if you have added changes to unprotected fields, they will show up in the queue and a maintainer will have to revert them. Make sure to add your changes to the protected fields to prevent this from happening

AnkiHub does not use the Special Fields add-on! Please do not use it as it will not work

0 Cards Upon Installation?

Upon installation of the deck, you might see 0 cards show up.

This is because all the cards have been suspended.

I Installed the deck, how do I start studying?

There are many ways to utilize the AnkiHub decks to study. Only you know what best suits you, so we recommend experimenting with different methods of studying.

Some examples include:

  1. Utilizing the UWorld QID addon, doing questions, and then unsuspending cards after finishing the questions
  2. Utilizing a primary learning resource, such as BNB or Pathoma, and then unlocking the cards afterwards
  3. Make your own cards for your own school lectures (making them with your classmates is recommended!)

Below, we will highlight the 2nd option of studying. This option is popular among medical students but its up to you to find the best method for studying.

The Video Method

This method primarily consists of the user utilizing a primary learning resource such as Pathoma, Boards & Beyond, Physeo, etc. to learn the material. After watching the video, the user would unsuspend (another word for unlock or open) the cards directly created for that video and do them.

Before this, let’s see what the terms suspending/unsuspending cards mean!

Suspending/Unsuspending Cards

Cards in an Anki deck can either be suspended or unsuspended.

Suspended cards mean that these cards are not part of your daily Anki reviews and will never show up. (This does not mean they are lost or deleted, they are hidden away until you decide to β€œunsuspend” them)

Unsuspended cards will show up as β€œnew” if you have never done the card before. This means it will continuously show up in your Anki deck as long as you keep it unsuspended.

If you have just installed a deck and there are 0 cards, please see this post to see how to unsuspend the cards Why does my AnKing Step Deck have 0 cards?

How Do I Unsuspend / Suspend Cards?

Note: Suspended cards are yellow in color, while unsuspended cards are clear (see below)

CleanShot 2024-01-21 at 15.34.34

Why should I Unsuspend / Suspend cards After Watching a Video?

Suspending/Unsuspending cards is a very crucial part of Anki. Using the AnKing Step Deck as an example.

In theory, you would not want to start off with all 28,000+ notes unsuspended. Instead, all cards should be suspended and you can choose to unsuspend the cards you wish to do.

Example: Let’s say you have just started studying microbiology and you wish to use Boards & Beyond.

  1. Watch the Boards & Beyond video on your selected topic
  2. Go to browse β†’ tags on the left hand side β†’ find #AK_Step1_V12 β†’ #BNB β†’ #Infectious_Diseases β†’ find the tag of the video you just watched
  3. Cmd + A (Ctrl + A on windows) β†’ right click β†’ unsuspend

You can now just do the cards you just watched. You can repeat this process for any resource or topic you wish to study

What’s next?

Want to make your own deck? β†’ 🌎 Creating a Deck

Want to collaborate on a deck with your friend? β†’ ✏️ Collaborate on a Deck

Want to know the basics of maintaining a deck? β†’ πŸ› οΈ Maintaining a Deck

Want to know how the AnKing himself scored a 260+? β†’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-bccn6NUyg

Hello! How do I find others deck created by AnKingMed besides step 1 & 2 ?? thanks!

You can find it by finding this username and check button

CleanShot 2024-05-20 at 12.07.48@2x

Other AnKingMed decks include Dermki and AnKing MCAT

I got charged twice trying to subscribe to a deck and I keep getting this error message β€œThe action you are trying to perform requires an active membership.” How would I go about getting a refund and getting the anking step 2 deck? I have been trying for the past hour.

There was a bug preventing users from utilizing AnkiHub even though they had an active subscription.

I have cancelled and initiated a refund for your duplicate subscription. Please note it may take a few days for the funds to appear in your account.

Hi. I bought the subscription but do not understand how to download the V12 Overhaul Step1&2 deck. Can you please help me?


To download the deck:

  1. Click subscribe on AnKing Step Deck in AnkiHub here: Sign In

  2. Download the AnkiHub addon by going to your Anki β†’ tools at the top left β†’ addons β†’ get addons β†’ paste this code 1322529746

  3. Log into the AnkiHub addon

  4. Click sync in Anki