I am subscribe to decks, but they aren’t in an anki app

Im a new anki user and I subscribed to AnkiHub, and read all the instructions and videos. I cannot figure out how to actually get my decks. I want to use the Zanki deck, and I subscribed to it, and have the add on on my anki app. And I can see I am subscribed, but I have no clue how to actually see and use the cards.

Which Zanki deck are you referring to?

Do you mean the “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2”?

To use the decks, you have to suspend all the cards first and start unsuspending using the tags in the browse section on Anki

The AnKing videos regarding these topics are of great help. I highly encourage you to watch this to familiarize yourself on how to use Anki efficiently

Hi! Thank you for your assistance.
I am referring to the “Zanki Step Decks”.
I attached a photo below highlighting my issue. I am subscribed to Ankihub to the Zanki Step Decks and Anking for Step 1 and 2, but the decks do not actually show up in my decks in my Anki app. I am unsure about how to go from subscribed to a deck, to actually having access.
Thank you for the video, I watched.

When prompted, did you click upload to ankiweb or download from ankiweb? (If you clicked upload to ankiweb, then see below)

Also, before this, have you ever installed the AnKing v11 deck? If so, the cards will populate to where you used to have that deck, perhaps in the year 1 folder you have.

I am unsure which option I selected, but I did see that screen pop up.
Also no, I have never installed Anking 11 deck.

Try doing this:

Unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub addon → Unsubscribe to the deck on the AnkiHub website → Resubscribe again on the website → Press sync in Anki

Then make sure to click on upload to ankiweb and let us know if that fixes your issue!

Hello I am not sure if this is the same problem but i am having a hard time seeing the subcategores for the Anking V12.

For example, the V 11 version i previously had, was subdivided into step 1 and step 2, further dividing it into subjects and tags.

In the Anking overall for step 1 and 2- V12 I am not seeing any of that? there is not even a + sign to see the subcategories.

Please let me know

this is how it appears vs previously on V11 it had subcategories

There are no longer subdecks in AnKing V12.

The reason for this can be found in this wiki: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Thank you for the response. is there any addon that would allow the sub-decks (like in v12), for it makes studying easier? If not do you suggest downloading the previous v11 or another study deck on ankihub such as (anking step 1 and step 2)

Please let me know. Thank you!

Unfortunately there is no addon to bring back the subdecks on V12, however we strongly recommend using tags and custom filtered decks. They are much more powerful than subdecks in our opinion.

This video below shows you how to customize the deck to for example have a “neurology” or “dermatology” custom deck straight from V12

I personally do not recommend V11 as many things are now outdated