Decks not showing up

I just purchased ankihub and subscribed to the AnKing deck. I followed the steps in the video but the deck does not show up on my main page. However, I can see the cards in the browse section of Anki. Any idea how I can get the deck to show up so I can study it?

Same! I don’t see the decks anywhere. Help!

In the browser, there should be a Deck column that shows which deck the cards are in. Which deck does it say the cards are in? Please see this section of the docs: Advanced Functionality - AnkiHub

It’s not under any decks?

After watching the video, I can’t even find the “Anking overhaul” option under change home deck.

What does it say in the Deck column in the browser?

I also am having this problem. I subscribed to 3 decks. usmle lab values, smle rx and first aid, and AnKing and AnKing is the only deck that does not show up in decks on the main page of the desktop app (even though i can see i am subscribed to it when i look at the AnkiHub “subscribed decks” tab on the desktop app. How to trouble shoot?

Unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub addon → unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub website → resubscribe again on the website → press sync on anki → that should fix it.

Thanks! I dont understand why but when i subscribe to the anking deck it downloads the notes from this and then includes them in an already downloaded cheesy dorian deck but does not download as a separate anking deck. Can you help me understand this?

I am hoping to have tags within the deck to be able to pull specific uworld ID questions to study missed questions and I was told anking has updated uworld ID question tags! Thanks so much for your help

All the tags are available on the browse section under #AK_Step1_V12 and #AK_Step2_V12. All the UWorld tags are there as well, you can use the UWorld QID addon to pull from these

You can toggle your Dorian deck and just drag the AnKing deck out from there