👑 Downloading the AnKing Step Deck

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Download the deck

:memo: Instructions

:1234: Currently recommended Anki version: 2.1.64 Qt6. Watch this video to upgrade if needed.

Starting brand new

  1. Sign up for a subscription on www.AnkiHub.net
  2. Go to AnkiHub and subscribe to the the AnKing deck
  3. From here you can sign up for the mini course that goes over everything about the deck. This is what we’d recommend from this step on, but the steps below go over a very simple version if you want to get started quickly
  4. Set up protected fields (as shown in the video). (We recommend protecting Lecture Notes, Missed Questions, Boards & Beyond, Pathoma, First Aid, Additional Resources.) Also set up any personal tags you want to protect.
  5. If you intend to use Physeo, Pixorize, or other resource fields, you should unprotect those fields as they are protected by default
  6. Download the AnkiHub Anki add-on and subscribe within the Anki add-on .
  7. Import the media files (AnkiHub now has media support so this step is not necessary unless you are importing media files from past decks or that others have shared)

Upgrading from V11 (or previous version)

~Always make a backup before updating~

  1. Sign up for a subscription on www.AnkiHub.net
  2. Go to AnkiHub and subscribe to the the AnKing deck
  3. Set up protected fields (as shown in the video). The special fields add-on won’t do anything for AnkiHub! (We recommend protecting Lecture Notes, Missed Questions, Boards & Beyond and Pathoma.) Also set up any personal tags you want to protect.
  4. If you do not intend to use Physeo, Pixorize, or other resource fields, you can protect those fields to prevent importing content and prevent missing media icons
  5. Download the AnkiHub Anki add-on and subscribe within the Anki add-on .
  6. ~~Import the media files ~~ (This step is no longer necessary as AnkiHub supports media)
  7. Read the IMPORTANT Notes below to clean up your deck
  8. Enjoy all the instant updates and the fact that you won’t have to do this again! :slight_smile:

:rotating_light: IMPORTANT Notes:

  • If you already had v11 (or earlier versions), you will have some leftover notes that didn’t get v12 tags. These are notes we added the !DELETE tag too and aren’t needed. You can delete all of them. Click the tag, (if you have notes you’ve unsuspended from that set that you want to keep, type is:suspended in the search bar after the tag and hit “Enter”), then click a note, do Ctrl+A, then right click and delete.
  • You might get a second deck titles “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2”. That’s ok. Just move those notes over to the AnKing deck. AnkiHub only deals with note IDs and doesn’t affect deck structure so it doesn’t matter where the cards are. In the AnkiHub add-on menu for subscribing to decks you can set the home deck that all new cards will import into
  • The deck description won’t update, so if it still says you’re on a previous version, that’s ok.
  • Depending on what you protect, you might get some empty notes. To fix this, you can go to Tools->Empty Notes.

Get school-specific tags

Watch this video:

:framed_picture: Download the Media Files

All media packs are hosted on this reddit link .

:exclamation:NOTE: AnkiHub now has media support so this step is not necessary unless you are importing media files from past decks or that others have shared

We are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. To that end, the media packs include only those images that we have licensed or that we reasonably believe are in the public domain. In this regard, the media packs include Sketchy, Physeo, and Pixorize images. Images found in the Text, Extra, First Aid and Additional Resources fields of past decks may or may not be covered by third-party copyrights. The deck may include html that references images found in earlier versions of the deck with undetermined rights to use and as such may not include a useable image. We are actively working to replace everything in the deck with better images that we have permissions to share. While other images are available in social media (e.g., Reddit posts and comments or other public forums), we are not connected with and do not maintain or otherwise affiliate with these other sources.

:warning: These decks are intended to be used with your purchase of any resource used in them. We take no responsibility for your use of any materials or images that are not legally obtained and strongly encourage you purchase all the materials associated with the deck you use.

:bulb: There will be missing media files in some fields unless you download the media for those fields. If you don’t plan to use those resources (i.e. Pixorize or Physeo), you can proactively protect those fields or retroactively select all notes and then batch edit that field and replace them with nothing.

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Hi the instructions really aren’t clear. I am starting from scratch. I have downloaded anki on my laptop and that’s it. How do I download this deck?



You just have to go to AnkiHub → click on AnKing Overhaul → subscribe in the top right → sync in your Anki after you have installed the ankihub addon

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hi thanks.

I have signed up to ankihub and have clicked the ankihub add-on link, just takes me to yet another article. Is there an actual direct link to download the add-on? sorry this page and website are very very busy and difficult to navigate for someone trying to get straight to the point

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To download the ankihub addon

Go to tools in your anki at the top left → addons → get addons → paste this code: 1322529746


Thank you much appreciated, this has worked and I’ve done the start-up deck. Another question: It is set to 9999 reviews a day, I’ve read that this is astronomically high is this an error or something I have to reset myself? Also how do I actually start doing the questions? I’ve seen the instructions on how to unsuspend cards but on the left hand side there’s no option to actually do this? do i have to suspend them one by one?

You can keep the reviews at 9999 for now, since the power of Anki comes from doing the reviews everyday. What you should limit is the new cards per day, usually people do a max of 100 new cards a day with all their reviews.

To start doing the flashcards, it depends on how you want to approach this. Lets say you watch a boards and beyond video first → after you finish go to browse → tags → #AK_Step1_V12 → find #BNB → find the video that is tagged → Cmd + A to select all the cards in that specific tag → unsuspend the cards

Then in your main anki screen, the cards will come up as blue so you can do them.

You then rinse and repeat for all the videos whether its sketchy, pathoma, BootCamp etc.

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Thank you for the clear instruction. I appreciate it as well as the swift response. Assuming my lecture resource is bootcamp, as i watch the bootcamps and suspend the cards tagged, will I be missing cards, assuming (might be wrong) not every card has a bootcamp tag? (I hope I’ve understood well)

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The bootcamp team are tagging the videos regularly, they are not fully done however. Most of them should be tagged.

And yes not every card has a BootCamp tag, it depends on what the video talked about and whether the BootCamp team has decided to add tag to it or not

I recommend BootCamp however since their tagging is much better compared to other resources!

Thank you so much. I think I will unsuspend bootcamp-related cards as i go through the video resource and then perhaps tags related to the specific subject i.e - hematology or pulmonary. (are there additional tags to this effect? to ensure I’m covering all the cards related ot the topic I’ve just learned/watched lectures on)

Yes good idea!

I recommend the First Aid tag, its the most comprehensive tag for the entire deck.

So you can unlock the cards for that specific BootCamp tag like you mentioned, then go to the first aid tag (#FirstAid) and find that topic and unsuspend the cards there. That way you are opening all the cards relevant for that specific topic

This is what I’ve done as well (however with boards and beyond) and it worked really well for me

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Thanks a bunch Ahmed, I really appreciate it!

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Hi I just download the anking step 1/2/3 deck right. it shows 0 cards ok. i saw a comment on how to unsusped but why you organize it this way? how do i unsuspned everything for step 2 that is waht i want to study for?

also, what is this “anking note types add-on”? do I need it? . i appreacite all the effort in this but it looks so over complicated going through all this information and dispersed information betweekn links. can you tell me straight forward?

If you want to unsuspend every step 2 card, go to browse → tags → click on #AK_Step2_V12 → click on any card → Cmd + A to select all cards → right click → toggle suspend

If the cards are yellow = suspended
If the cards are transparent = unsuspended

We do not recommend unsuspending all cards but if that works for you then that is how to do it

It is not needed, but recommended if you want to change how your notes look, colors, move fields up or down, auto open certain fields. If you do not want to do that then you don’t need to install the anking note types addon

ok got it thank you!,

so you suggest me to unsuspend the ones i will be using and then after im done with those and I feel confortable i should suspende them again and start another one, this should maintain schedulling right? ?

also, how do you suggest me goinng over step 2 cards, which tags yous I unsuspend first?

sorry, i meant which tags (cards) should i unsuspend first?

I suggest suspending the ones you want to do but keep them unsuspended so you don’t forget them. If you suspend the cards after you do them you will lose on the benefit of spaced repetition

If you suspend or unsuspend, both will maintain scheduling but if you suspend your cards you won’t see them again unless you unsuspend them

This video goes over it much better than I can explain!

Step 2: https://youtu.be/sb5aXXbC0ao
Shelf exams: https://youtu.be/4O-sDcgF82c

Most of the time, students go through either #!shelf tag or #!Resources by rotation. Other students also use the UWorld QID addon (sold separately) and use that addon to unlock cards after they finish doing their UWorld questions