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This deck is the best deck for the MCAT and is mostly comprehensive. It is also infinitely updatable via AnkiHub so we as a medical student community can continually bring it up to date for new content.

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:brick: What decks is this based on?


This deck is based on the original Miledown deck. We merged in updates from the Abdullah update and the Coffin update.


  • Miledown made their deck based on a 90 page review sheet pdf. They also included every item in a 300 page Khan Academy Psych/Soc document and every equation, unit, and constant needed for the MCAT.

Abdullah update

  • The Abdullah deck was a modification of the Milesdown deck with additions from many other decks. We merged in the updates that were added to the Miledown portion without pulling in the additional content (we didn’t want to make the deck too large)

Coffin update

  • Coffin updated the deck to be organized by Khan Academy video sections (in the tags)

MrPankow update

  • MrPankow worked with us to integrate his P/S deck

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:currency_exchange: Making suggested changes

Read the AnkiHub documentation to see how to submit suggestions. You can also view other’s suggestions on AnkiHub’s website and like/dislike or comment.

:bangbang: If your suggestions do not contain enough rationale and specific evidence, they will be rejected. Please follow these rules:

Cite Sources When Making Changes

Please submit your suggestions with an acceptable source. Acceptable sources include specific UWorld QIDs + explanation or other trusted MCAT prep materials. Unacceptable sources include random articles, and wikipedia.

Suggestions with Images

If you are adding an image that is already in another note, please specify that in your rationale (e.g. image added from nid:###)

If you are adding a new image, please only do so to the TEXT or EXTRA fields (unless otherwise directed). If you do, you MUST use an image that is considered “public domain” e.g. (Google images creative commons search, Wikimedia Commons, etc.) Do NOT use files with CC-NC or CC-BY-NC licenses. Additionally, make sure to cite images as follows in italics and size 10 font: Type out the source like this “Photo credit: name [link]” (example: Photo credit: The AnKing [](]%60/)) or use the required citation method if applicable.

Help us review other suggestions

Please do help us review suggestions by liking/disliking others’ suggestions and leaving comments!

Personal Fields & Tags

“Lecture Notes”, “Missed Questions”, & “Additional Resources” fields are protected by default.

If you have personal tags in your collection, please add them to the protected tags section so that they don’t show up in the suggestions for all users

One by one notes

Please don’t submit changes to make notes one by one. We will take care of those.

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:memo: Instructions

Starting brand new

See :rocket: Getting Started for details about using AnkiHub.

Upgrading from MileDown (or previous version)

Follow the exact same steps as starting brand new. :blush: Your scheduling will be preserved!

:window: What are all the fields for?


✏️ What do all the fields mean in the AnKing Step Deck?

:label: What do all the tags mean?



  • :white_check_mark: Tags are complete
  • :construction: Tags are still in progress (email us if you’d like to help!)
  • :snail: Tags are not complete and not progressing quickly because we do not have active volunteers for them
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This is the top-level, “parent,” tag for the tag. The tags below are subtags that are used to link the cards to various resources.

  • #KhanAcademy:white_check_mark: - Cards tagged by Khan Academy videos. Nearly every card in the deck is tagged.
  • #Kaplan:white_check_mark: - Cards tagged by Kaplan videos. Nearly every card in the deck is tagged.
  • #Pixorize:construction::money_mouth_face: - Cards tagged by Pixorize videos (tagged by Pixorize). More of these hopefully coming soon!
  • #UWorld:construction: - All UWorld Step 1 question ID #s (QIDs) that have corresponding cards in the deck are tagged here. Volunteers modify this via AnkiHub daily as they go through UWorld themselves. There are likely skeleton QIDs which had their UWorld questions removed that will stay in the deck for some time. Also contains UWorld Self Assessment & COMLEX QID tags. These can be used with the UWorld QID to Anki search add-on.
  • $Errata - These are changes that were made to the deck in versions 1 and 2. AKadd are notes that were added by the AnKing
  • #MileDown:white_check_mark:- The structure of the original MileDown deck

:window: What are all the fields for?

  1. Text, Extra - This is the main content of the flashcard. :exclamation:We recommend that you do NOT edit these fields so you can get updates from AnkiHub. ****If for whatever reason you want to edit one, you can protect the text and extra fields of these individual cards (see this video).
  2. Lecture Notes, Missed Questions - These aren’t used. They are for your personal notes! These fields are protected by default, meaning AnkiHub won’t update them.
  3. Pixorize - The Pixorize images go along with Pixorize videos which are great for memorizing things! Visit (Check out our website for a discount!)
  4. Sketchy - We are working closely with Sketchy and hope to include media in this field in the future, but for now there is not any content.
  5. Additional Resources - This field contains HTML references to images that were in the original decks. We have since replaced all these images with ones that we can share. This field is protected by default. You may want to unprotect it if you are updating from a previous version or have these images already from some other source.
  6. One by one - This field triggers the one-by-one feature for the note type. (See the next section for more information on this)

:crown: What is AnkiHub?

AnkiHub is a web application and Anki add-on that facilitates mass collaboration on Anki decks, real-time updates for deck subscribers, and much more, all while still allowing users to customize their Anki cards. Every time a change is accepted, you get instant updates!

↓ Watch this 1 minute video explanation ↓

:bangbang: IMPORTANT tip: Type your own notes into the “Lecture Notes” and “Missed Questions” fields so that you can protect them.

:star: Handy tip: Use n to reveal the one by one notes (:crown: over the clozes) or ' to reveal all of them at once.

:art: How do I customize the note styling (AnKing Note Types & Add-on)?


This new video describes the brand new AnKingMCAT note type and the add-on that we made to make it very customizable and user friendly. It works with AnkiHub. :slight_smile:

This older video shows html/css formatting and this video shows some newer features that were added (the above video includes most of this).

Things you can do:

  • change all fields (including hints) to be editable with the Edit Field During Review (Cloze) add-on
  • change font sizes and colors
  • make hint buttons open automatically and change their order
  • choose how many levels of tags you want shown
  • Open multiple clozes one at a time
  • tons of other really cool tricks

This Github has a copy of the Customizable section of the Styling portion of the note type if you would prefer a MedShamim style

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See our :question: FAQs.

How do I get the UWorld add-on to convert QIDs to Anki search?

It is available through the AnKing VIP subscription (All Tiers)

:pray:t4: Thank You

:people_hugging: Huge thank you to the following:

The entire AnKing team: Read our bios here

Main decks: u/MileDown, u/humii97, u/premedunr, u/MrPankow

AnkiHub Step Deck maintainer team: Ethan Damron, Ty Forbes, Ahmed Khudair, Nicholas Flint, and Brian Havens.

AnkiHub MCAT Deck maintainer team: Brian Havens and Michael Boulis.

Contributors: u/DinoNights, u/premedunr, and Pixorize Inc.

And the many people who elected to remain anonymous or submitted errata and helped fact check changes!

*If you have made significant contributions and your name is not listed, please let us know so we can add it!

Where can we find the Abdullah deck cards in this new MCAT deck? Is it just integrated into the Miledown deck? My anki doesn’t have a tag for Abdullah’s cards. Also, I’m using the Kaplan chapter tags to review, will Abdullah’s cards be included in those? Or do I have to add Abdullah’s cards to the Kaplan chapter tags? Thank you, I’m just new to this so I’m just a bit confused about where everything is.

That deck essentially just updated the cards and added extra clozes and details. Those are all in the cards but there’s no special tags for it

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2 posts were split to a new topic: MCAT deck cards not showing up

I just got Ankihub and subscribed to the MCAT deck (I was initially using the Miledown+Coffin deck). I am not seeing any subdecks for the sections. Are there subdecks for this? For example, for the behavioral section, there are no subdecks (like with my previous miledown+coffin deck this was further broken down into social, perception etc.). Is this correct? It says the Coffin update was integrated but I am not seeing it. I am also not seeing the tags on the sidebar when I go to browse. I have synced, unsubscribed/resubscribed, closed/reopened anki, etc. Can someone help me or point me in the right direct please?

UPDATE if anyone else has my same question for the tags: if you go to browse, go down to tags, click #AK_MCAT_v2 to expand and you will see the different sections organized. I still haven’t figured out if there are subdecks yet though and if I’m just not seeing them for some reason

UPDATE regarding subdecks: (this may be common knowledge but just in case it’s helpful to anyone): you can create subdecks and move the cards based on the tags. For example, I am making subdecks based on the khan academy organization (like coffin), so I am going to browse, decks, toolbar to find change deck, and add ::new subdeck to the end of each deck. Then I am going to the tags below, highlighting all of them (command+A on mac) and right clicking to change deck and add to the new subdeck I have just created.

Thank you for this deck, and sorry for the long question/updates.

Just got subscribed and oboarded. When I use the deck for some reason the algorithm is off and not working. Even when I press hard I am not seeing it go into the red pile nor am I being asked again. Is there something I could have done wrong when syncing?

Edit: My other non-Ankihub decks seem to be affected as well, not sure what to do and what is truly causing this. The algorithm is all off now

This has to do with your learn ahead limit. What is it set at?

I understand that the new deck has the Pankow deck integrated into it. Does this mean I can just use the P/S cards directly from this deck rather than downloading the Pankow deck directly? Or are there more cards in the original Pankow deck?

Yes! The Pankow deck was merged into it (and significantly improved) by @MrPankow himself!

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Hi, are you planning to add tags for the new UWorld UBooks? I’m using these textbooks instead of the Kaplan textbooks but I still want to use this anki deck.

IIRC the UWorld books came out in the last couple of weeks, so there aren’t yet any specific plans that I’m aware of to tag them.

Tagging can take quite a long time; the UWorld question bank has been around for quite some time and tagging by QID really just neared completion in the last couple of months.

That being said, the more interest there is the more of a priority it may be so it doesn’t hurt to express interest. No doubt it will get added as a wish-list item though I don’t know that there is any specific timeline that can be offered considering how new the resource is.


im probably going to end up manually tagging the deck as i continue reading. would you like me to share my updates with anyone on the moderation team. i’d be happy to do it


Yeah that sounds great!

I kind of figured it out. The UWorld Books are organized by units. Units are composed of chapters. If any of the mods of the deck wanted to tag the deck for UWorld Book users they could use the following guide based on which UWorld Units correspond to which Kaplan chapters. Based on this information you can check the existing Kaplan chapter tags in the deck and add the Uworld Unit tag.

Here’s the guide:

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