MCAT Deck Installation

Hello I recently downloaded the latest Anking and the message “Changes will take effect when Anki is restarted” is the only thing that pops up. I added the code that was presented to me, but still I do not see the deck. The only deck I see is my old Mr. Pankow deck.

Try restarting your Anki,

Once you restart, at the top you will see “AnkiHub”, login with your creditenials.

Afterwards, click sync (if you have subscribed to the MCAT deck on AnkiHub already)

How do you restart Anki? I’m on Mac and the only option it gives is to “Quit” which I did. I also, restarted my Mac and still no luck.

By quitting and reopening Anki, that is basically restarting it.

Have you installed the proper addon?

Can you paste this code by going to Anki on the main screen → tools at the top → addons → get addons → paste this code: 1322529746

Okay perfect, you can close Anki now then open it again. After that, you will see AnkiHub at the top:

Yes, I closed Anki and then went to the AnkiHub tab you’ve shown in the last reply. I clicked Sync with AnkiHub and the only thing thats shown is my old Mr. Pankow deck.

The new cards might be in the Pankow deck then, you can move them to a new deck by following this tutorial:

Although this is for the Step deck, the same concept applies

It’s working. Thank you so much!

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