✏️ Collaborate on a Deck

:pencil2: Collaborate on a Deck

Suggest Changes

You can suggest changes to existing notes in decks that you subscribe to on AnkiHub either from the web app or from the add-on. After suggesting a change, your suggestion will have to be reviewed and accepted by the deck maintainers. Deck owners and maintainers have the additional permission to suggest changes without a review.

Make sure to leave a thoughtful comment in the Rationale for Change text box when suggesting a change. This will help the deck maintainers understand your suggestion and make a decision.

To suggest a change from the add-on:

  • Edit a note in Anki.
    • You can do this by clicking the Edit button while reviewing cards or by finding a note in the browser. See the Anki docs for details on editing notes.
  • Click the 👑 Suggest a change button in the editor dialogue.
  • Select the appropriate Change Type.
  • Add your comments to the Rationale for Change text box.
  • Click Submit Suggestion.


To suggest a change from the web app:

  • Find the note you want to suggest a change for in the deck on https://app.ankihub.net/
  • Click the Suggest a change button.
  • Select the appropriate Change Type.
  • Add your comments to the Rationale for Change text box.
  • Click OK.


:star: If you are a deck maintainer, you can select the Submit without review option to skip the review process.

Suggest New Notes

To suggest a new note to an AnkiHub deck:

  • Click Add to create a new note in Anki.
  • Click the 👑 Suggest a new note button in the note editor.

For details about how to create new notes in Anki, see the Anki docs.


New notes cannot be added from the web app at this time

View Note Suggestions

To view the suggestions that are currently awaiting review from deck maintainers:

  • Navigate to a deck on https://app.ankihub.net/.
  • Click the Community suggestions button.
  • Select the Change Note Suggestions or New Note Suggestions tab.
  • Use the search box or filter button to find the suggestions you want to view.

From here, you can view the suggestion details, accept or reject the suggestion if you are a maintainer, edit the suggestion, or view conversation about the suggestion.

Bulk suggestions

Right click on a selection of notes from Anki’s browser to submit a bulk suggestion:

Watch the video below for more details.

Made a mistake?

If you accidently deleted some cards, made some incorrect edits, or just want to revert your deck to what AnkiHub has it as. Follow this:

Resetting Local Changes to Notes

Resetting local changes resets any changes you have made locally to what AnkiHub has it as

For example

  • Note A (AnkiHub): AnkiHub is amazing
  • Note B (Your local version you made changes to): AnkiHub is amazing!!!

By resetting local changes, AnkiHub will cause “Note B” to revert back to “Note A”

Revert a Single Card

  1. Right-click on the card you want to reset
  2. Navigate to “AnkiHub: Reset Local Changes”
  3. Click OK

Revert the Entire Deck

  1. Click on Browse on Anki
  2. At the top, navigate to “AnkiHub”
  3. Select “reset all local changes to a deck”
  4. Select the deck you want to reset

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