Why can't I suggest a new note to my personal created deck on AnkiHub?

If you cannot click on the “Suggest a New Note” for a card you have created and want to upload to a deck. Then you are most likely using a note type that is incompatible with AnkiHub

AnkiHub Note Types

Upon creation of an AnkiHub deck, a specific AnkiHub-compatible note type is created (signified by your username and deck name in brackets).

Suggesting A New Note to the AnKing Step Deck

For example, to suggest a new note to the AnKing Step Deck. Cards must be created using the note type called "AnKingOverhaul (AnKing / AnKingMed)

Checking The Note Type

To check what note type the card you created is using. Right click on the card and click info.

How to Change Note Types

You can change the note type you use by right-clicking on the card → notes → change note type → select the AnkiHub compatible note type

Compatible VS Incompatible Note Types

Red box: AnkiHub-incompatible note type
Green box: AnkiHub compatible note type

If you are using the correct note AnkiHub-compatible note type, then your suggest a new note will look like this

CleanShot 2023-12-17 at 22.39.07@2x

The same principle applies to your own personal decks you have created!

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