Auto bulk suggest

Anki team,

After thoughtful consideration, I came to realize exactly what feature to ask you for that could solve my issue and that of other users.

What I need is a button/shortcut that takes all cards that are in subscribed and uploaded decks but have not yet been synced to AnkiHub via the [bulk] suggest system. Preferably suggesting without review and remembering that checkbox for future contributions to the deck. This way a single hotkey could be used to bulk suggest changes or new notes to subscribed decks where one is a maintainer, in a similar fashion to how the Sync to AnkiWeb hotkey works.

This would even make it more user-friendly for an AnkiConnect function to perform these actions, as was discussed in my previous post.

Best regards,

Sparklester :smile:

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This is a great idea! @jakub.f we could add this to our list of things to do for the addon down the road?


I agree, we should add a feature like this. However we should probably remove the 500 notes bulk suggestion limit first.

The easiest way to bulk suggest all changed notes right now is to just select all notes/cards in a deck and bulk suggest them. (The add-on will filter out unchanged notes and won’t create suggestions for them.)
Alternatively you can use the AnkiHub -> Modified After Sync sidebar item in the Anki browser to first show all notes which are different from their version on the website, and then bulk suggest all of these notes.
If there are more than 500 changed notes, you will have to bulk suggest them in parts at the moment.

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I did not think of the Modified After Sync and ID Pending sidebar items as tools to find which cards have been changed and which cards are new in order to bulk suggest them. That does help me to some extent, so thank you for your suggestion :+1:

However we should probably remove the 500 notes bulk suggestion limit first.

Regarding that, I do not think that is going to be an issue (for me, at least), since in collaborative decks one syncs their cards way more often than that (i.e., before reaching 500 changed/new cards).

Lastly, were that function to be implemented (that is, a one-click full AnkiHub sync, including a push of new and changed cards and not just a pull of new and changed cards), do you think it could be made to be available for invocation via tools like AnkiConnect or even apy?


@jakub.f in my early tests, the 500 limit issue was resolved but that was prior to image support so we may need to test that again.

This is a good point for most applications. Perhaps we have a setting behind the config that allows for increasing this but leave this here as a sort of barrier. There are a few reasons for doing this. i.e. we wouldn’t want an anking deck maintainer inadvertently doing a shortcut and syncing 1000 changes without review when they weren’t ready as that could be painful to undo (given no undo function right now)

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Were y’all able to give that another run? Increasing the limit to something like 2000 would be super helpful for large-ish retagging.
Maybe not for images but tags or fields shouldn’t be too difficult (I hope?)

@jakub.f im ok increasing the limit if we can

A limit of 2000 should be fine, I created a task for increasing the limit.


The limit for bulk suggestions was increased to 2000 notes!