Sketchy Step 2 Image Implementation Update Order?

In all honesty, the only reason I committed to Ankihub was the hopes of better Sketchy integration for Anki, especially for Step 2 studying. While I’m thankful for the updated images for Peds recently, I was wondering if the people working on adding the images themselves had a generalized order for what order they are adding sections?

At least this would help a lot of us prioritize a different timeline for which sections to hone in our studying. Like, I’m fine with starting with Peds focus, (so I can do Sketchy then cards from the Overhaul deck) but it would be great to know if IM vs. Surgery was coming first, etc. Any transparency/updates even on ETA (even if wrong) or order would be massive.

Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys and the volunteers put in. It means a lot for all of us.

@dollajas might have a general idea (if you’re interested in helping with the project you’re more than welcome to!)

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Sorry for the late response on this issue. The truth is that there are very few volunteers that are interested in doing images. Our main focus up until this point was to get the majority of the tags added in, so that image integration would be easy, but it has been supremely difficult to find community members willing to commit to adding images into these sections and oversee their work. If there was a specific order, images can only be added into videos that have already been tagged.

If you are interested in helping out, I am more than happy to facilitate.


I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to have time for it as I’m prepping for Level 2 myself, but if you guys can show me how it’s done and it’s not painfully difficult, I’d be willing to do some.

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I’d be willing to help out too, as my schedule permits, if someone shows me how to do it

Sounds good, anyone that wants to help can email me at and I will get you all situated