When will sketchy images for step 2 be available ? Never?

I need images for step 2

It has been incredibly difficult and time consuming to coordinate volunteers to help tag and add images to the cards. I hope to have Sketchy Peds + OBGYN tags and images within the next 4 weeks. Beyond that giving any other time estimates will depend on how much help I can get.


Hello! I was studying some cards, and sketchy 2 popped up, but when I clicked on it, there was an image error. I have previously done this card and hadn’t seen a sketchy 2 option prior, so I was wondering if that was something recently updated and, if so, if there were media that I needed to download. I have a sketchy account, but I wasn’t sure where to download the pictures for the designated cards that now contain sketchy 2 notes.

Many thanks for your help in advance!

The field was erroneously edited on 2-3 cards, I’ve resolved it. We have plans to use that field for step 2 sketchy images once we have image support, but currently, that field is designed to be empty. You can sync with AnkiHub and that will fix this error.