Step 1 study technique with add on!


I’ve got a couple of unrelated questions I’m having some doubts with I would appreciate your opinion on the matter.

So im preparing for my step 1 this summer and have been doing cards for a a year now. I have done sketchy micro, half of pharm + biochemistry//immuno from B&B. i started uworld recently and have been using the anking uworld quid add on to look up questions.

I am will take the exam this summer and want to ask if i should just focus on my uworld cards and the high yield / relatively high yield tagged cards so i do not burden myself with a ton of reviews. so i would suspend everything without these tags. I also am thinking about suspending all sister cards with closes 2 and 3 in order to decrease the card load. I am currently doing 800 reviews a day.

This may help me put more emphasis on my uworld incorrect cards (I ss the uworld question in the missed questions field for a lot of them) and also focus on higher yield info. At the end of the day I do wanna pass so please do let me know what you think!