Am i using this deck efficiently?

Hello, first of all thanks for the hard work you’re putting in this, i don’t really understand most of what you’re working at, all i know is this deck has really helped allot so far.

The thing is i suck with tecnology in general, so you might imagine I’m having a really hard time understanding how anki, ankihub of any of this stuff works, all i understand is its helping me retain information and helping me awnser uworld questions easily. But Im having some doubts if I’m doing things right, believe me i tried looking for the awnser out there but didnt succeed, i went through the guides, watched the videos, this is still all really complicated for me.

So i though i would just wright down how I’m using this deck and hope someone would tell me if im on the right track or not.

Main resources im using for step 1 are
Pixorize (biochem)
Sketchy (pharm & Micro)
First aid

Every time i watch a video or read about a new subject i go on and unsuspend those specific cards, e.g watch a video from B&B on heart failure, unsuspend cards tagged under B&B / heart failure

  1. When i do this ive noticed some times i get cards that weren’t covered by the video lecture, but i don’t mind that, i just go ahead and try to learn the card. I’m just wondering if im doing this the right way.

  2. Also noticed that by the time im done with a system on B&B, most of the cards Tagged under pathoma are allready unsuspended.

I was just wondering if unsuspending and learning all cards on B&B, pixorize, sketchy pharm and micro, will suffice. Ive found that by doing this i average about 80% on my uworld blocks. Of course i sometimes get questions about stuff i never heard of before, but i imagine that’s normal.

Im worried i might be failing to unsuspend important cards by only focusing on this specific taggs.

Am i on the right track here or is there an alternative more efficient way to approach this?

Thanks in advance

In my opinion, this is a good way of doing it. If you are worried that you are not covering everything, take a look at the topic under the #FirstAid tag, or explore other tags like ^Systems. Even if most of the cards are unsuspended by the time you get to a Pathoma video, you should still watch the video to develop a fundamental understanding of the concepts.

Also, 80% on UW is pretty great.

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