Anking in regard to basics

Hi all
Does anking deck , specifically zanki step1 suffice for me if I wanna improve my info in all systems in general as well as do some progress regarding step1?
I so do u recommend doing it in random order or system by system ?
And within 2 hours daily on average how many new cards can be done?
Thnx in advance


Yes, the AnKing step deck will help you improve your info in general as well as progress in Step 1 studying.

You should aim to do it system by system since there are so many flashcards, its impossible to do it randomly.

You can see one study method you can follow here: 🤝 Subscribing to a Deck

2 hours daily is a good starting point, you can definitely do a couple of videos and unlock 100 cards a day (which is recommended)

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Thnx a lot , but what do u mean exactly by the videos

For example, you can watch Boards and Beyond, then unlock cards based on the tags.

Or you can do a set of 40 UWorld questions, and use the UWorld QID addon to unlock tags that way.

Or you can go block by lock and start with OB/GYN for example and unlock cards in the tag “resources by rotation”

Like after watching cardio bnb can I specify the videos that I have watched , or like the topic I watched on bnb as they are organized on bnb site?
And when u said like a block of uworld , based on ur experience do I really benefit from like solving a block and studying them like without covering the whole system from bnb and FA ?
And regarding add-on, I have watched a video on what they r , yet I didn’t quite understand what they , or how I can benefit from using them

There are tags you can use to unsuspend after you have done a resource. (note that not all of BNB Step 2 is tagged yet, unfortunately)
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Some people I know have done this and say they love it. I personally wouldn’t go down that route because I like to learn the content first like you said. But people have found success doing that

If you do a block of 40 questions on UWorld, you paste the question IDs in the addon and it pulls all the cards associated with the block of 40 questions you just did. So you learn using UWorld (since people like using it as a textbook/learning tool) and then memorize using Anki

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Thnx a lot and sorry for asking way too much
So what u mean , is like for example I want to review cardio physio, I suspend all others and learn them today, then tmw I wanna learn cardio anatomy I do the same right?
However doesn’t this restrict me from reviewing what I learnt yesterday?
Now in general , lets say I wrote down all stuff during my cardio rotation that I don’t understand daily, then I would like to check everything regarding these terms on anki , I just search for them on browse through decks right?
Then after that how can I like review the on the iPad, as the iPad just let them down for me and allow me to edit them , yet I didn’t get how I can really learn them like normally through cards.
Plus do u think this way is efficient or not based on ur experience ?
And lastly regarding add ons , other than uworld how can I benefit from it exactly , like I don’t get what they do exactly?

Apologies for the super late reply

Not quite, you keep everything unsuspended. Here is a workflow example

You want to do microbiology and you want to use Boards and Beyond

  1. Watch the first video
  2. Unsuspend the cards
  3. Do the cards
  4. Watch the second video
  5. Unsuspend the cards
  6. Do the cards

You keep them unsuspended and keep building like that as you go on

Correct, therefore you keep them unsuspended to avoid this

Yes you can do this, search the term and unsuspend the card

You can learn them just as you would on a laptop/computer. Just click on the AnKing deck and review the cards after you have unsuspended them on your laptop/computer (make sure to sync first)

My personal method is like I said above by watching videos → unsuspend. This is for Step 1 however, I haven’t started studying for Step 2 yet, you can watch the AnKing video on how to study for Step 2 that I’ve linked above and that can help some more

Addons just improve your Anki experience, some addons just make your Anki look better, and some change it completely. Here are some ones we recommend: What add-ons does the AnKing recommend for the AnKing Step Deck?

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we are here to help you :grinning:

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