Step 3 Cards Uworld QIDs

Hey guys!

I want to say thanks for all the hard work you do with ankihub. Additionally, I want to know how is the step 3 uworld tagging process going. I want to go through all the Uworld question ID based cards for step 3, can you please give me an update?

I appreciate your help,


I believe @anking.jacob is going to start an organized project soon to tag the deck for step 3. Not much has been done so far, so a completed product is going to take quite a bit of time.

We are only beginning, would you be able and willing to help contribute to the community with this project?

If we are willing to help, what’s the process to begin or join? (I’d be happy to help if it’s needed)

Process has nearly 50% complete. We would invite you to Slack and get you access to the Excel sheet which tells you what has or has not been tagged. You only tag what hasn’t been finished yet and then suggest the changes to ankihub.

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Do you provide complementary uworld step 3 access? I want to help but I don’t have a current subscription. Thank you

Sorry we are unable to at this time, UWORLD is unwilling to work with us on this.