Boards and Beyond Step 2 tags

hello, i am studying for step 2. I am wondering when will the boards and beyond step 2 tags be ready?
i really excelled with step 1 thanks to dr. ryan and would prefer to continue to study from his videos

They are being added occasionally by various users, for example, recently there were updates to the spinal trauma section, you can check out the Update Log here to see the progress. However, there is no one actively updating it as of right now, if you would like to feel free to do so!

I wish the anking team would prioritize this. I know you guys are working on many features behind the scenes… but the main focus of the anking deck is to have cards linked to videos so you can watch a video and unsuspend the relevant cards. it seems like a basic feature the team should have completed a long time ago.

It has been a priority for a long time but we rely on volunteers to tag things (unless the companies offer payments or subscriptions). Boards and beyond has not offered anything to help tag step 2 content and we have not had many volunteers. The idea of AnkiHub is that someone like you could tag one or two videos and someone else do the same and then soon everyone has them all.

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Ya I just don’t really want to volunteer to do that and have my work only be available to paid subscribers. Id be happy to share my work for free but the dynamic is certainly different now that you have moved to a paid service. Maybe u should consider a once a year release of anking deck for free. As in every January post the deck with recent changes to Reddit as u have up until ankihub. This would make me a lot more comfortable volunteering my time. If I work for free, I want it available to people for free. Otherwise I could tag the entirity of boards and beyond step 2 in exchange for anking membership or something. But I don’t think I will be volunteering to finish ur anki deck for you as you charge money for it. And I certainly don’t see why Dr Ryan should be paying you anything… it’s kind of crazy to me that u want me to pay u, Dr Ryan to pay u, me to work for u for free, and then take a combination of many students hard work, and putting it behind a pay wall.

We made a post a while back addressing this. You can read that here. This was not a decision that was made lightly.

Some key points:

  • it’s not easy to just release something every year. It’s incredibly time consuming and creates a lot more confusion than most people think
  • we made the scholarship program so that anyone can request free access. You could request free access and get access to the deck once a year if needed.
  • I would be happy to discuss giving you free AnkiHub, Anki mastery course, or AnKing VIP access in exchange for tagging things. For most of these resources, we have also arranged with those companies to provide free access to their platform in exchange for a certain amount of work
  • Dr Ryan (who actually doesn’t own boards and beyond anymore) and the other companies benefit greatly from having these tags and they have all worked with me to help make this happen. This has required a lot of time and expense on both sides.

If, for example, you really did want to tag all of boards and beyond step 2 I would happily contact Boards and Beyond to request free access for you and I think that amount of work would be worth a free lifetime AnkiHub subscription. I understand what you’re saying here, but this has become an extremely expensive project to maintain and what you’re suggesting just isn’t feasible because the solution is not as simple as you suggest unfortunately.

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