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I have an update available but it won’t let me actually do the update - I’m stuck in a loop and can’t use Anki at all because of it. When I click yes/no, nothing happens. When I close out the first window, it locks up and I can’t do anything else until I force quit and try again with the same results. Please help!

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Try holding shift when starting Anki. Then go to tools->addons and check for updates

this did not fix my issue with ankihub, I’m still unable to update it or even open/use it. It used to work perfect but for whatever reason it just stopped updating and I’ve lost all functionality of it. I tried so many things to help fix the ankihub addon, I’ve given up on anki because of how inconvenient it has become. I have 2.1.54 version as well as the second most newest version of anki installed but neither are able to update anki hub, I cannot even click on it bc it refuses to show up on the bar above my decks. I tried toggle disabling and restarting anki. I tried disabling my other addons one by one but still no luck.

Your best bet at this point is probably to delete th AnkiHub addon and then redownload it. You’ll have to resubscribe to your decks. That should fix the problem