Updated Anking V10 to V12 Missing Step2 BnB tags?

Hey, guys I just finished step 1 yesterday, since I was done I decided to finally upgrade my Anking version to V12 from V10. One thing I noticed once I upgraded though was that I think I have the entire Behavioral Section missing from the Step2 BnB tags. Is it something I did wrong while updating? Thank you for your help!!

2023-06-16 14_17_56-Window

@Ahmed7 can you look into this?

To my knowledge, certain sections of BNB step 2 still need tagging

Is there a behavioral section for step 2 in V10?

Perhaps @dollajas knows more about this

You can check the updates log on our website to look at what prior versions of the deck included. Beyond that record, we don’t provide support for V10 and are unable to assist