Uworld MCAT add-on

I have an Anking subscription and downloaded the Uworld add-on for the MCT. The Anki app is updated, and I’m using the Ankihub MCAT deck. Whenever I paste Uworld QID into the Anki Uwolrd QID search, I get an error message that reads, β€œList index out of range.” How can I fix this?

Is this the full error message? Is it happening with any ID? If not, can you give an example of an ID that triggers the error?

I just started using Uworld today. I did some questions in chemistry and physics. I copy and paste as directed in the tutorial. and I got that error message for both. These are the QID: 401522, 403174, 402515, 401780, 402202, 402487, 402648, 401318, 402547, 402754

Does using the Auto option make a difference?

Can you also go to Tools > Add-ons, select the UWorld add-on, click Config > Restore Defaults > OK?

Hey Abdo,

That fixed the issue. Thank you!

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