V11 switch to V12

I have been using V11 for my cardio and GI blocks. It has been great but my friend showed me V12 and I bought and updated it. I love it so far but have a few issues.

I just started my pulm block and as I have been unsuspending cards from V12, I noticed there are cards from the same BNB video in V11 that didn’t get unsuspended. Should I be unsuspending those cards too? Is there a way to merge the V11 cards or delete them if they are covered in V12 without losing my V11 progress?
Here are screenshots showing the hemoglobin deck from V11 having suspended cards while my v12 deck for hemoglobin is completely unsuspended.

If there is a v11 tag that means the card was a duplicate and not merged with V12.

You can see which ones are V11 cards by seeing this post: How do I delete all V11 cards after I have upgraded to V12?

I also recommend deleting V11 tags: Why do I still have V11 tags in V12?

if I delete the cards in V11 will it restart my progress from the cards I unsuspended when I only had V11?

No, if you only delete V11 cards, you won’t lose progress in the V12 cards.

Make sure to only delete cards in the note type AnKingOverhaul. The one without brackets.

AnKing V11 = AnKingOverhaul β†’ only delete cards in this tab
AnKing V12 = AnKingOverhaul (AnKing / AnKingMed)

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