More cards when updating from v11 to v12

I downloaded v12 and merged it with v11 following the wiki. I deleted the v11 tags and AnkingOverhaul++ notes. My AnkingOverhaul notes was empty to begin with. Once deleting these cards I’m still left with >35,000.
What’s going on? I wanted to merge my progress with the old Anking v11.

Once you download from V12, you don’t need to do anything to merge your notes as they will be merged automatically.

Your progress won’t be deleted. Can you check this note type: AnKingOverhaul (AnKing / AnKingMed). How many cards do you have there?

I checked that note type and I have 33.000 cards.

All the V12 cards are there.

Any cards in any other note types are cards that were not moved to V12 by us and have been deleted on AnkiHub

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