[Wiki] Sketchy Step 2 (Tagged) by Stillmatic

Bringing to you the Pepper style deck for Sketchy step 2 videos with tagging hierarchy
What it covers: Most of the videos from Sketchy under 4 decks (IM, OBGYN, Surgery, Pediatrics)

Suggesting new Notes:
All new notes must be added as the Sketchy (Pepper) note type
For IM videos, if only making 1 new note/card: use Basic-AnKing note type
Up-To-Date / Amboss will be given preference over sketchy for content changes

Deck style: Font and Format is similar to that of AnKing deck
There is no bold/ italics/ underline used so the text is vanilla
Reason being that these can be used for coloring the important points (inbuilt in the styling of the cards)

The cards are compatible with the “Edit field during review (cloze)” addon and edits can be made while reviewing
However please consider suggesting changes through the card browser to make the deck more legit.


Hi, for some reason the images on the surgery cards are scrambled for me. Some of the cards images belong to other surgery cards others are from IM and OBGYN cards. The other decks do not have this issue. I have tried deleting it and redownloading it but it keeps happening. Would you be able to send me directly the surgery deck with the correct images? Thank you.

Unfortunately the HTML got messed up when the deck was exported, seems like there’s no solution to this. However I do have the back up decks that were sent to me before I compiled this, I can provide you with those.

I have been having issues with certain card images not loading and instead showing a little blue square. Is there a way to resolve this?

Hey thanks for getting back to me. I was able to get some of the old decks from someone else. It had 863 surgery cards. Does that sound like all of the cards you have from the back up decks?

That means the media image files for the HTML code are missing, unfortunately my sketchy subscription has ended and I won’t be able to add those through Ankihub. You might want to add your own screenshots, and if you can, upload those changes to Ankihub as update note suggestion so that everyone gets those images.

Yep, it should be the same deck, there were a multiple teams working together to create this deck, due to difference in note types, it was hard to merge the decks together, then we did some note type modifications and image size reduction to make it uniform so that we can combined them. seems like some image HTML got messed up in the process. The backups are still there in safe hands of the amazing peeps out there on reddit.

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