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@Ahmed7 Also this channel seems to respond to comments on Youtube; if we don’t want to just put the link in there we could ask him first and he’d probably get back to us. Couldn’t find an email for him though. I think generally for some of the aphasias it might make sense to put links to short Youtube videos

I think in this case youtube links would be best since we dont want audio to play everytime a card pops up, i also found a good one for broca and wernicke we can link

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Yeah I agree. The only thing that would be better is if the video could be embedded and then only play audio if clicked. idk if that can be done though

Yes this actually can be done! But im not sure if copyright rules apply the same if its embedded

Why not just embed it then put under the embedded video the citation? For example:
Learn Neurology. (2021, December 3). Scanning Speech in Multiple Sclerosis - (subscribe to channel for more videos) [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=793_-K575eA

That still might count as using copyrighted content so unless we find a direct place that says you can embed but you can’t display it directly, we can’t do that (we have to play it safe with legal stuff like this)


Fair enough. In that case I think putting youtube links maybe with the length of the video is reasonable

Like this idea for certain concepts for sure. Would format as “Description of Video Content (Website - Length)” just to standardize it and prioritize what the video actually is



Some nice videos we can add to various cards, just putting them here

Wernicke aphasia: Wernicke's aphasia - Neurosigns

Romberg sign: Romberg's sign - Neurosigns

Broca aphasia: Broca's aphasia - Neurosigns