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actually support here; think {{c1::hypertension, bradycardia, and respiratory depression::3}} would be appropriate, need to bulk recognize this triad in question stems

Support - though is cushing triad not widening pulse pressures, rather than hypertension? I feel like that’s a relatively important distinction (as wide pulse pressures is the most specific sign - if you see a BP of say 180/90 in a Q, that should be setting off alarm bells), even if it does mean they’ll be hypertensive.

amboss has hypertension, so does FA 2022, although some google sources saying widened PP

Just checked Amboss - where are you seeing that? On https://next.amboss.com/us/article/HL0K_g → clinical features, I see widened pp.

I’d stick with first aid for this card but I like the triad being recalled together

Wikipedia also supports widening PP Cushing reflex - Wikipedia - I’d say htn is implied from widening pp and the latter is more likely to help you get a question right. I don’t think this is likely to be a new addition - widening pp was what was taught when I was doing my paramedic degree ~5 years ago, have never previously heard it described as just htn.

I see, I dunno about what to go with. So far I have not gotten a question wrong based on trying the different between hypertension and widened pulse pressure. Maybe include it in extra? Or if you decide to remove hypertension just include it in extra?

Fair enough (btw, something funky with the dates - I’m sure my last comment was in between your 2 most recent!) - given there’s disagreement, I think I’ll leave the decision to someone else :slight_smile:

discussed and going with ‘some sources may also interchange widening pulse pressure for HTN. Both are correct.’ in extra.

edited - approving!!