Add-on doesn't recognize new subtags, unable to suggest them

Hi there everyone,

I recently started adding subtags that are specific for my school to the Dellas Pharma Deck (a german collab deck) but the add on fails to recognize them as new tags. When I try to suggest a single note / bulk suggest the notes with updated tags (new tags option / updated tags option), I get this error message:

If I try a single note, this is the error message:

"There are some problems with this suggestion:

Suggestion fields and tags don’t have any changes to the original note"

Just now I tried to suggest via ankihub web, that worked, but isn’t a solution since i need to be able to bulk suggest from anki. Any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

What tag are you trying to add? Can you take a screenshot

These are the tags the card already has:

This is the tag I am trying to add:

If this helps here’s another screenshot from the file browser. As I said I’m unable to suggest the change

Can you click view on ankihub, then edit the card there and add the tag?

Yes, that works but I can’t bulk suggest on the web app right?

I was actually able to suggest the tag without issues: Sign In

Yes, you can’t bulk suggest on the web app.

With some help I finally found the issue, I had the word “Aachen” protected in the ankihub protected data. Therfore the add on wasn’t able to suggest the tags.

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