Add support to bulk accept/reject optional content suggestions

Where is the option to bulk accept/reject? I accidentally suggested 190 pages-worth of tags for the new optional tag feature and forgot to check the maintainer box

I don’t think it’s an option yet but should be soon. @pedro @heitorado do you know when this will be available?

If you need us to accept these for you, let us know. We’ll send out an update when we add this feature. Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimate on this yet.

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It would be awesome if you can get rid of them for me – whether you accept/reject them makes no difference to me. I’ve already re-submitted the same suggestions and checked the maintainer box. Thank you!

@MightyBooman , does 20395 suggestions prior to 2/10 sound right?

@heitorado , @pedro , is it ok if we just delete these : NoteCustomizationSuggestion.objects.filter(author=user, created__lte=timezone.datetime(2023, 2, 10)) ?

Yeah, that’s definitely it

All 20395 suggestions deleted :slight_smile:

Thanks for digging into this and providing the snippet, @andrew :100:

@MightyBooman please let us know if that solved it and/or if you need anything else!


Looks good on my end. Thank you both so much! @andrew @heitorado