Group Optional Tags Suggestions Bulk Accept/Reject

I read in a few other feature request tickets for the request to bulk accept/reject suggestions with optional tags groups. It’s not implemented yet, but in the mean time would someone be able to bulk reject the suggestions for optional group my school Mercer. They were added accidently without selecting ‘submit without review’ and are from February 25th. All of those tag suggestions are already apart of the group. Thank you!

We have assigned this case to our developer team.

They will help you shortly.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Thank you!

So sorry for the delay on this! I see there are 1,555 open suggestions from @csohn for this optional tag group. Can you please confirm that you want all of these deleted?

Yes I would like all of those deleted. They were added as bulk suggestions by mistake instead of clicking the “submit without review” to add them in groups. All of those cards have the optional tag already.
Thank you


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