Any way to batch accept/reject optional card tag suggestions? Filter options for suggestion page?

I was playing around with the new optional tags feature (LOVE IT) and neglected to check the auto-accept box for maintainers when submitting a change. Now I’ve got a couple thousand open tag suggestions that it seems like I need to either ignore or individually reject.

Is there any way to make batch determinations on suggestions? It would be easier to ignore if I could filter suggestions on that page like in the main card suggestion page, but when testing—new individual tag suggestions I have made seem to get mixed in randomly with the other thousand suggestions (e.g. they’re lost for eternity).

If it’s relevant, I am using the official AnKing deck and my optional tag group is UKYCOM. If there is any way you all could just wipe out my open tag suggestions in that group from your end, that would be wonderful. Thanks!

Just saw previous post about bulk accepting/rejecting! Filter box would still be nice too though :slight_smile: