Batch Accept/Delete Suggestions on optional tags

I understand you all are already working on this feature, but I also accidentally suggested a ton of tags instead of submitting without review. Assuming there still isn’t a batch accept/delete feature when managing optional tags, I would really appreciate it if someone could clear my queue. I also accidentally created an optional tag system to learn how to use it, but it was for the incorrect base deck. Is there a way to delete optional tags that I have created?

I just wanted to follow up on this! Thank you for your time

Any updates on this?

Apologies for the extremely late reply, I have tagged the @developers so they can assist you on this case. This will not happen again!

Sure thing :slight_smile:
For which deck do you want us to clear your suggestions?

Do you want to delete the optional tags or the tag group as a whole? For either case, please send here the optional tag group that you want help with :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue and need to get the suggested optional tags cleared out of the optional tag group I created. I accidentally suggested instead of submitting without review and don’t want to delete 1900 pages of suggested tags. I’ve made the changes without submitting for review since, so the optional tag works fine for subscribers I just need the suggestions cleared. @Ahmed7 @heitor can you help me with this?

Added needs-dev-team

The deck is called “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2,” but it is not the real AnKing deck. Someone must have used the same deck name, which is why I accidentally made the tag system to begin with. The optional tag is called “USCSOM.”

I now have the correct optional tag system created for the real “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2” (the original AnKing’s Deck) which is called “USCSOM_Columbia,” and my school is now actually using this one. So I would appreciate it if this tag system was not deleted! In this optional tag system, I just need the queue cleared. It is working great, but I accidentally submitted suggested tags instead of “without review,” and now I have too many pages to get through. Thank you so much for your time and effort on this!

@adcosta just to check if I got this right, so we don’t wrongly delete something:

  • Tag group named USCSOM: delete the tag group, because it was created for a copy of the anking deck and it’s not being used anymore
  • Tag group named USCSOM_Columbia: this tag group stays, but all the pending suggestions made for it should be deleted because there were created by accident.

Is that right? :slight_smile:

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@heitor If you can, I also need the tag group named TouroDeck to have all the pending suggestions cleared

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That is correct! Thank you so much

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Operations performed:

  • Tag group named USCSOMDELETED
  • Tag group named USCSOM_ColumbiaSUGGESTIONS CLEARED
  • Tag group named TouroDeckSUGGESTIONS CLEARED

Let me know if that worked for you @bradleyboman and @adcosta :slight_smile:

Soon we’ll have ways to allow users to bulk accept/reject optional tag group suggestions and even delete optional tag groups. :wink:


@heitor that worked perfectly. Thank you!

Perfect. Just double-checked it. Thank you so much for your help! Yes, batch accept/reject would be great too once it’s done!

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