Deleting Optional Tag Groups

I am not sure if this is the correct point of contact, but after reading similar posts on the topic, the wiki, and emailing the ankingmed email, it seems like I needed to contact support here for this. I would just like to request deletion off the backend of my optional tag groups since there is no way to do so off of the front end. Thanks in advance !

Same here!

Added needs-dev-team

Sure thing. Out of curiosity, can you share more about what happened? Did you simply decide not to use these groups? Were you just experimenting?

@MedSkool I went ahead and deleted your tag groups. You didn’t have any subscribers so this was no problem.

@spartandrew18, I’m unsure what to do about your tag groups since each of your tag groups has subscribers.

Sorry I was referring to my other issue. I misread this topic.

Of course! Thanks so much towards you and the team for clearing the groups quickly.

My use case for tag groups was to have a tag that lined up the Anking deck with lectures, as well as have a tagged deck I made myself that has content outside of anking. This was so I can use the amboss quiz making feature more efficiently (found that I wasted too much time seeing what exactly we covered each week in order to make custom weekly quiz sessions).

Tag groups would have worked just fine for this! I ultimately decided against it because I did not realize it was public and I did not want to get any fellow classmates or underclassman at my school’s hopes up thinking I had a completely tagged deck that went along with our school lectures. I only started tagging midway into this course. Then I found out about the optional tags feature and found that better suited for my needs. If I had been more diligent in the beginning with my tags, I would have left it public as it would have been of massive benefit for incoming students at my school.