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I maintain the optional tags for my med school. I realized that some of the tags I mislabeled are not being removed on my friend’s laptops, even after I corrected the tag on my end.

For example, if label something as Block 1 (and submitted to ankihub) before realizing that it should be in Block 2 or it should be there at all. If I remove the tag on my end, it still is there in my friends. If I add the Block 2 tag, then they have both Block 1 and Block 2 tags.

Any advice on how to work around this problem would be greatly helpful. Thanks!

There is currently no way to remove optional tags AFAIK.

This is a feature we are hoping to implement in the future

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You can change the tag from block 1 to something else I believe. Just can’t delete it entirely

You can change them, but the old tags are still showing up locally for subscribers (e.g. changing a lecture from Block 1 → Block 2 causes the lecture tag with all the same cards to show up both places for anyone that had synced the Block 1 tag before you made the change). @AstroSidekick It’s not ideal as resetting can take a while, but one work around is to set up a group chat w/ those in your tag group and ask them to delete the single old tag or reset the optional tag if you’ve made extensive changes. That’s worked for me so far.