Removing shared tag as maintainer


Some cards were accidentally tagged with an optional tag that was shared with all subscribers. How can I remove the optional tag from those cards for all people who sync with the optional tags? thank you!

You can just delete the optional tag on the card then suggest and accept. Then once everyone resets local changes to the optional tag it will go away

Whenever I try that, I get a message saying “no optional tag found for these notes.” I synced and checked with someone who is subscribed and they still had the cards after syncing. When suggesting optional tags, is it supposed to let me suggest the removal of the card?

This has been a persistent issue for a while now. Once cards are tagged, there’s no way to completely untag them as far as I know other than removing the original tag and adding something like a “trash pile” tag. There’s also no way to reorganize the tags and have it show up as you see it for people that had already synced the original tag (e.g. moving a lecture from an exam 1 parent tag to an exam 2 tag causes it to show up in both place for those that already received the exam 1 tag).

If you remove it yes you can suggest its removal. Once you do that and reset local changes to the optional tag they should go away

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