Anki app quits unexpectedly whenever I click on browse

After updating the latest ankihub update due to app not connecting, it started quitting when I click on the browse option.

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That’s weird, we didn’t change anything about the browser since the previous update.
Can you try to disable the AnkiHub add-on and see if the Anki stops crashing when you open the Anki Browser?
Please follow these steps:

  • Select Tools → Add-ons → Find AnkiHub in the list of add-ons
  • Click the Toggle Enabled button (the AnkiHub item in the list should now say that the add-on is disabled)
  • Restart Anki
  • Open the Anki Browser and see if it still crashes

Please also upload logs after the crash happens (with the AnkiHub add-on enabled or not):

  • Open the AnkiHub menu on the main Anki window
  • Select Help → Upload logs
  • Confirm
  • After the upload is done, the add-on will show you a window like this:
  • Copy the file name and post it here

Hi, I disabled the add on like you suggested but it still crashed when I click browse. Here is the upload log

If it happens with the AnkiHub add-on disabled, this means that the add-on is not causing the error. The logs unfortunately didn’t give me enough information to know why Anki crashes when you open the browser.

You can try to start Anki with all add-ons disabled by holding shift while Anki is starting and see if the error happens then. If it doesn’t happen, you can try disabling other add-ons you have installed and see if Anki crashes.

You can also try asking on the Anki forum. There are some posts from people with similar problems:

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I disabled all add-ons and then turned them on one by one and that seemed to fix it. Thanks for your help!