Bug: Not able to quit Anki. I've to use force quit everytime

Hi there,

I just started using Anki, but I’m having a problem. Whenever Ankihub add-on is enabled, I’m not able to quit the app. It freezes and I’m forced to force quit it. I tried deleting the add-on and all the decks. The issue went away.

Then I re-installed the add on and started downloading the decks. I downloaded AnatoKing, Lab values, and brand names decks. Still, the issue didn’t re-appear. I was relieved. Then I downloaded the Overhaul step 1 and 2 deck and the issue re-appeared. So Ankihub add-on with Overhaul deck causes the Anki to freeze everytime I am trying to quit and then I have to force quit it.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

Anki Version: 2.1.56 Qt6.

Does it freeze cause it’s still syncing? You may need to just leave it and let it sync since it’s a big file

I don’t think its that because…

  1. I sync because I close. I only close after the sync is finished.
  2. When this happened for the first few times, I clicked close and left the Anki running in the background for several hours while connected to wifi, but still it didn’t close on its own until I force-quit it. I can’t even restart or shut down my Mac withut force-quitting it.
  3. I’m not the only one having this problem. I went through reddit to see if there was a solution and found this thread where users were having a similar issue – Reddit - Dive into anything

That does sound weird. I’ll have our developers look into this

Can you try the following steps and let me know if it persists?

  • Start Anki in safe mode by holding shift while it is starting. This will temporarily disable all add-ons (until you restart Anki).
  • Delete the AnkiHub add-on
  • Install the AnkiHub add-on and restart Anki
  • Subscribe to your decks again

I did try that once. Didn’t work.

Now, I’ve tried it again. Didn’t work. I gave it an hour hoping it’d quit by itself. But nope. I had to force quit it.

@DreamsofDr.D , did AnkiHub ever completely finish syncing the AnKing deck?

Can you check how much available storage you have on your computer?

Yes. It did finish. I sync Ankihub before closing the app. And once it finished, I clicked the close button.

47 GB available out of 500 GB.

It seems like this could be an add-on conflict with one of these add-ons:
Puppy reinforcement
Review Heatmap
Highlight Search Results in the Browser

Can you try disabling them from the Tools → Add-ons dialog, enable the AnkiHub add-on (if it’s disabled), restart Anki, and see if you can quit Anki without force quitting?

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