Always requires force quit

Every time I close anki on my macbook it requires me to force quit in order for it to shut down. Not a huge problem but it is annoying. I finally systematically shut off add ons to find out which was one was causing the error and it is ankihub. When I toggle it off, anki shuts down appropriately every time. As soon as I turn ankihub back on, maybe 1/10 will shut down appropriately. Anyone have an idea how to remedy this? Cheers


Are you currently running the Anki version we are recommending, which is 2.1.64?

If so and you are still experiencing this issue, I will let the developers know for you!

Yes I am using the 2.1.64. To be clear though, this has been happening with previous recommended versions as well. I’m not clear exactly when it started other than it is related to the ankihub add on in my case.

Alright! I have assigned the developers to your case!

Have you tried deleting the AnkiHub addon and reinstalling it again?

If it still persists, can you let us know if you are on QT5? that version tends to be more stable than QT6, but I see that this has been occuring regardless so a developer with more knowledge on this will be with you in the coming days!

I have been using the QT6 but switched over to QT5 to see if it helps. It has continued to do the same thing.

Does this happen even with the AnkiHub addon toggled off?

It does not happen when ankihub is disabled

Does this happen when AnkiHub is the only add-on installed? (I wonder if it conflicts with one of your other addons)

I have now deleted everything but ankihub and anking note types easy customization. Continues to have the problem

@developers can you look into this one please?

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Hello @Rybo! Thanks for reaching out.

We suspect that this might be related to the media download for the decks you currently have subscribed to and installed on your Anki desktop. Could you please make a test for us?

Right before you close, click the “AnkiHub” menu and check the Media Sync status. Please try to test if:

  • When the Media Sync status is Idle, does the Anki desktop closes normally or do you have to force quit?
  • When the Media Sync status is Downloading, does the Anki desktop closes normally or do you have to force quit?

If you can do this and report back, that would be a huge help for us to better understand the problem and start working on a fix for it   : )

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Media sync Idle: force quit is required

Media sync downloading: force quit is required

Thanks @Rybo ! We will investigate this issue further and reply here if we have any updates

It interestingly enough seems to be working now, but it takes several minutes to close on its own. I wonder if me switching to the QT5 has somewhat resolved the issue. It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to close on its own.

I would like to confirm that I also have this issue but on a machine running Windows 11 using Anki 2.1.65 QT6. However, unlike @Rybo , this problem has only appeared with the recent Ankihub update yesterday.

In short, it freezes up requiring a forced quit as well. I have also noticed that this occurs if I try to return to my deck after completing cards and it would take 3-5mins to get back to the decks page. Furthermore, syncing when closing always freezes up and needs about 3-5mins to close. However, sign upon Anki start up does not cause any issues.

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Update: I have found that the Add On “Calculate New Cards to do” is the culprit. There was a new update today for the Ankihub add-on and it works fine as long as I disable the calculate cards addon. I will submit a bug fix request on Github


Update 2 in case anyone stumbles on this thread but are not aware of the Github repository. I found a way to consistently cause the issue of a freeze requiring a force quit, This only happens when Calculate New Cards is enabled alongside Ankihub and if I press “Deck” rapidly from the review cards screen. Pressing the shortcut “D” does not cause this. Disabling Calculate New Cards solves the issue. I have more details on this issue updated on the Github.


Thanks so much, @MedSkool !

Came to report the same issue. Anki hub disabled → no problem.

Here are logs with ankihub disabled: ankihub_addon_logs_25305_1689544428.log

Here are logs with ankihub enabled: ankihub_addon_logs_25305_1689544523.log

Difference is I have not seen my media sync as not “downloading” so have been unable to check the behavior in alternative state.

Mac OS 13.4.1 (c) (22F770820d)

ANKI Version ⁨2.1.65 (aa9a734f)⁩ and Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.0 PyQt 6.5.0

Do you have the Calculate new cards to do add-on installed and have you tried disabling it?

If that doesn’t help please upload logs again when the media sync is not in the “downloading” state.