Anki-hub- auto update - what exactly gets updated?

my question is: what exactly gets changed in the template, when the deck gets automatically updated?

I usually change front/back/stylings to my liking. Will it be changed after this?

I added a field and switched the content form a previous (default) field to this one. What will happen to this after the next update?


The add-on adds the following to the bottom of the front/back templates:

Text below this comment will not be modified by AnkiHub or AnKing add-ons.
Do not edit or remove this comment if you want to protect the content below.

So it’s recommended to put your modifications below this comment at the bottom to make sure they are preserved.

Your field will get removed. Adding/deleting fields is not currently supported and might cause problems in some cases (e.g. if you suggest a new note with the updated fields and it’s accepted into the deck you might get errors on the next sync - see Why did i get this error?).

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