Adding personal fields (and card template edits) to a shared Ankihub deck

Hi, not all decks on Ankihub have extra fields for personal notes (that may be protected from updating), like the Anking Overhaul deck does. Is it therefore possible to just add a field to the notetype of an existing deck, without disturbing any syncing in the future? Such a field does not necessarily have to be used on a card, because sometimes, I just need an extra field as an alternative to a tag.

Then, many card templates state the text mentioned in screenshot below. Does this mean that I can alter the template by inserting this personal field I just created? Again, without disturbing any syncing with Ankihub.

You can alter the styling but not the fields or it will change the note type. This is something that’s on our todo list in the near future.

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Thanks for the explanation. Too bad I can’t add a field then, for now.

As a temporary solution, wouldn’t it be a good idea to add a couple of extra (blank, unused) fields to each note type of each deck on Ankihub? This wouldn’t change anything for existing users, nor for users that do not want to make use of these. However, users like me can then just use these blank fields to store any additional info, and insert them in their card templates if needed.

Adding that feature would take almost as much time as it will to do the note type collaboration we’re hoping to add. Unfortunately none of these are easy fixes because note types are very complicated in Anki

Out of curiosity (hope it isn’t too off topic)

The german community is in dire need of the ability to modify note types via Ankihub. Our current workaround is pushing manual updates though these changes get reverted when people join Ankihub. From formatting-fixes for tables to adding new fields, fixing missing symbols by adding another font or updating Feedback links in our notetype.

We are also working on a one-by-one notetype ourself and already tagging notes that would benefit from it in the future. Is the ability to change a notes notetype on your agenda too?

Yup! Realistically will be worked on after notifications (or possibly at the same time) and this is next on our agenda. Hopefully within 3 months?

You could fork the anking note types addon and use it for your note type?

You could fork the anking note types addon and use it for your note type?

If that is ok with you/Anking Team we would start looking into it!

Yup it’s fine with me! Just remove the AnKing stuff from it.