Anki syncs cards every time it opens - probably due to ankihub add-on

Hi, I am having an issue with Ankihub. Every time I open anki it syncs 5 cards randomly but when I disable the ankihub add-on it goes back to normal and Anki does not sync any additional cards when I open it. I am not sure what is going on but I would really appreciate your help.

You can disable the auto sync. Go to tools->add-ons->Ankihub->config and set the last option to false like the following: “sync_on_startup”: false"

Are the 5 cards synced with AnkiHub or with AnkiWeb?

Sorry, let me clarify. The 5 cards are being synced with AnkiWeb and in the config I have it set to “sync_on_startup”: false"

Can you screen record a video of this to show what actions you are taking to reproduce?

Sure. Here you go.

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Make sure you are running the last version of the add-on. Start Anki in safe mode by holding down the shift key and go to tools->addons->check fr updates. Finally restart Anki.

Thank you for the advice. I tried your troubleshooting steps but I am still having the issue

Any update on this?

I have no idea what’s going on here. You could turn off the sync on open setting in the Anki preferences?

We just adjusted one thing in the addon related to syncing. Is this still occurring with the latest version?

Yes, unfortunately still occurring on the latest version.