AnkiHub after bug - Resubscribing but having duplicate decks

I was previously subscribed to AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2. After the bug, I had to delete AnkiHub and redownload. After redownloading, I have a new 2nd deck for Anking STEPs. This new one has an extra ~7000 cards for STEP 1 alone. Does anyone know why there are that many new cards? Surely they cant have been added in the past couple days alone.

My main question is this:

I have created a separate deck for MSK from the first subscribed AnKing deck. These are still fine - however, when I want to add them back to AnKing deck in the specific place it was originally. How do I go about that? It makes it even more confusing since I have 2 seperate AnKing decks now.

The cards are tagged by original deck location you can move them from browse