After I created an anki hub account, my anki changed, and the answers are appearing twice

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Are you subscribed to “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2” on AnkiHub? The one with 17,000 subscribers created by “AnKingMed”?

The cards we have in that deck do not look like this, so I think you’ve subscribed to another deck

I got anking from a friend a while back, I’m a few weeks out from step.
My anki is very disorganized, so I don’t even know what deck I’ve been using.
I would appreciate any help.

If possible, could you quickly look at it, I can share and give you access to my computer. Cause I don’t even know how tell you what the problem is. As you could probably tell I’m not that proficient with anki.

I downloaded this way before anking was subscription based. If that’s the problem, then I wont mind subscribing. I am just worried about losing my progress, because I can been using this deck for over 2 years.
I would appreciate any help or guidance @Ahmed7

If you subscribe to the deck on AnkiHub it will update cards that you currently have and you won’t lose your progress

I still have some concerns with doing that.
I have suspended all of the cards
And have unsuspended 10k. And I have a few 100 unsuspended that are in my new.
I’m worried that when I subscribe, I’ll get unsuspended cards added and then I’ll have no way of figuring out what’s what.
I’d appreciate a quick session today to help me sort that out.
I’m willing to pay whatever the fee is.

Thank you

You can flag all your cards prior to updating. You can also make a backup and revert to it if needed

Anki: How to Backup and Restore From Backup: Anki: How to Backup and Restore From Backup - YouTube

The AnkiHub team does not offer one on one support. You can schedule with an AnKing team member for tutoring if you want though

That worked, thank you very much. I would still like to learn more and subscribe when I start clincals, which should be in a few months. I have submitted a request for one on one.