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Iโ€™d like to cancel my subscription and request for a refund. (I just started my membership today)

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Add-on Startup Failed

The following add-ons failed to load: โจ

They may need to be updated to support this version of Anki. Click the Check for Updates button to see if any updates are available.

You can use the Copy Debug Info button to get information that you can paste in a report to the add-on author.

For add-ons that donโ€™t have an update available, you can disable or delete the add-on to prevent this message from appearing.

Thatโ€™s what happen after installing the ankihub add on I did update couple of time and there is still a fail in startup.

hope you can help with it so I can start with dec installment and all.

Iโ€™d like to cancel this subscription and request a refund. I just started my membership today and was kind of confused on what this subscription entailed.

Hello, I am having difficulty with images not being shown on the cards? I recently deleted all decks and restarted the subscription for Step 1&2 overhaul, and have 32039 missing files. What can I do to get these images back?

Olรก, gostaria de cancelar minha assinatura no AnkiHub e solicitar o reembolso, uma vez que faรงo essa solicitaรงรฃo de acordo com o previsto no Cรณdigo de Defesa do Consumidor. Aguardo, de modo urgente, uma resposta sobre como proceder. Desde jรก, grata.

hi iโ€™ve subscribed multiple times during the past year and my anki deck keeps getting deleted from my page. Iโ€™ve already paid $20 and I am not able to get the deck. can i get a refund and get some help downloading it? thank you

Good evening,

I recently had my annual subscription renewed today. I would like to cancel and receive a refund. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you very much

good evening. Today i got membership. but after updating my Anking step 1, 2 i couldnt see media from bootcamp and picmonic. What should i do?

i also have this kind of difficulty?
did u deal with this problem?