Ankihub ignoring protected fields and tags

For about the last 4-5 months (I first noticed in October/November) Ankihub has been ignoring my protected fields and data. I add tags to all of my cards to make filtered decks and whenever I sync with ankihub those tags will be erased from cards. And whenever I submit a change to ankihub my study tags will be submitted as well despite being protected.
Images from protected fields are also being uploaded.

Hi, @Dam_Doc !

I have a few questions.

  • Do you have more than one AnkiHub account? Is it possible that you are signed into a different AnkiHub account in the add-on?

Can you link to an example of this, @Dam_Doc ?

What tags are being erased? Are you saying that the tags listed here are being removed?

  • Are you observing this for all the decks you are subscribed to?

  • Are you observing this for all of your protected fields and tags that are configured on AnkiHub (the web app)?

@jakub.f , I noticed this user has special characters in their list of protected tags. Could this be throwing things off? It looks as if they might be trying to define patterns using * which I don’t think is technically supported?

Defining patterns using * is not supported. We just check if a part of a tag (parts are separated by ::) matches one of the protected tags.
For example if you have study_surgery protected study_surgery::A will be protected, as well as A::study_surgery or A::B::study_surgery::C.

Are these tags not being protected because they contain * then?

It only makes sense to use * in the protected tags field if the tag you want to protect contains * characters. They have no special meaning.

That * is actually in @Dam_Doc ’s tags. I believe Andrew was asking if that could mess with stuff.

Any idea why his protected tags aren’t being protected?

@Dam_Doc , can you give examples of local tags that you believe are being overwritten erroneously?

The only tags I can verify are not being protected begin with “*” because I use them in filtered decks. *study_surgery, *study_IM, and *study_FM all were not being protected. not sure about %%keep%%_UTH

@Dam_Doc , can you share logs immediately after the next time this happens?

Up top, you mentioned that “*” is not supported in protected tags. Is “<” not supported as well? My protected tag is “<protected”.

That’s certainly possible. Do tags without that symbol get protected?

I will trial it. I only use the “<protected” tag currently. But will see if a simple “protected” tag fixes it

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