AnkiHub message when no internet connection

Your website crashes every day, which means I cannot sync my deck because it’s now totally dependent on AnkiHub. The error message says “could not connect to AnkiHub (no internet or the site is down for maintenance).”

Please fix this ASAP. As of right now, I paid $225 for a barely-functional service that makes it harder, not easier, to study.

Are you sure AnkiHub crashed? It never crashed for me, it always syncs fine. Could be something on your side, but I have no clue since I’m not a dev.

You could go to tools->addons and then go to AnkiHub and press “check for updates”. Just see if yours needs updating. If not, for now, a quick fix can be to disable the addon AnkiHub by “toggle enabled” for now, until a new patch comes out.

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Can you be more specific with what your issue is? The following information will be helpful:

  • What version of Anki are you running?
  • What steps are you taking to replicate this issue?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the error message?
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I am running version 2.1.54 Qt6, but the issue has been resolved now. My school’s IT department told me that there have been intermittent internet connectivity issues for the past few days, so that was likely what caused the problems. My apologies for assuming it was an issue on AnkiHub’s end.