Issue connecting to AnkiHub


I am receiving an error notification when I attempt to sync with AnkiHub. The error message states, “Could not connect to AnkiHub (no internet or the site is down for maintenance)”; however, I am connected to the internet and the site does not seem to be down. Oddly, this error message still appears even if I receive a notification beforehand saying “AnkiHub: Synced # note(s)”.

I have tried restarting Anki, connecting to a different network, disconnecting from my VPN, logging out of AnkiHub and then logging back in, and deleting the AnkiHub add-on and reinstalling it and resubscribing to my AnkiHub decks.

I am also experiencing this, however everything seems to be syncing and my connection is fine, might just be a visual bug @heitorado @pedro

Do you still get this Could not connect to AnkiHub (no internet or the site is down for maintenance) notification?

It’s indeed likely that this just a visual bug.

I am also getting the same error message

Yes, still getting it as of right now

I’m having this issue as well

And the media sync just says “downloading” but I don’t think its doing anything

agreed with above; receiving same notifications (could not connect to AnkiHub; AnkiHub media sync says downloading)

A new version of the add-on was just released (2023-04-28.1, you can check the add-on version in the AnkiHub → Help menu). Please update to this version first and restart Anki.

The next time you see the Could not connect to AnkiHub message please upload your logs by following these steps:

  • Open the AnkiHub menu on the main Anki window
  • Select Help → Upload logs
  • Confirm
  • After the upload is done, the add-on will show you a window like this:
  • Copy the file name and post it here

This will help us to diagnose the problem.


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We released a new version of the add-on that shouldn’t have this issue anymore. Make sure to restart Anki after installing the add-on update for the changes to take effect.



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Yup its working now


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Thank you for all your help!

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