Ankihub scholarship still pending after 2 weeks

Hello everyone. 2 weeks ago i signed up for ankihub scholarship, they told me that further information wil be sent on my mail but still no response. Does it mean that it got rejected? Even checked my ankihub acc info but mail is correct.


We apologize for this and we will investigate this promptly!

Thank you for your patience :grinning:

When you sign into AnkiHub and try to subscribe to the AnKing deck, can you let us know what happens?

Nothing really happens. It just shows my previous subscribed anki decks, and when i go to check billings, it’s stopped on my last payment which was on july 5th. i signed up for scholarship on August 5th when my subscription disappeared. AND YEAH IT LET ME SUBSCRIBE NOT FREE DECK.
So today when i woke up i just tested from anki app to connect to ankihub and it did! I think it also synchronized with ankihub, funny thing is if im unsubscribed it shouldnt do such thing right? So maybe scholarship became activated but it just doesn’t show? LOL

Alright great that its working!

Let us know if you need anything else!

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