AnkiHub suggestions unusually slow to merge when working on a specific author

Not sure how to describe this better - I am trying to work through a specific community member’s suggestions because they are all related to UWorld Step 1 tagging. When I sort state:open,author:xyz (not actual name) it takes 30 seconds or more for AnkiHub to actually merge the suggestion after I accept. This is not the case when working in the general queue of just state:open

Do any of the other maintainers have similar issues? @Ahmed7

Yes this still happens. I remember telling one of the devs (cant remember who) that this doesnt happen but it does happen still regularly. Sometimes accepting 100 suggestions causes this where I have to wait 20+ seconds until it happens. It occurs daily but I just got used to it :sweat_smile:

@AnKing-Maintainers anyone else experience really long delay when accepting suggestions in bulk?

Yeah everytime, the more cards the longer it takes

Weird thing is that I have the issue even for single suggestions (regardless of wifi - I’ve tried in multiple locations)

Same experience as those above, can’t say for sure what causes it/when it happens

Sorry misread this, meant that it happens every time when “suggesting” in bulk

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Yes I’ve experienced this (I usually go do a handful of reviews in Anki while I wait :joy:)


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Bump @ProductTeam