Anking cards flickering different shades of gray as if counting down

I recently joined AnkiHub and synced the Anking decks to the Anki app on my Mac. I had used Anking decks throughout medical school, and only since joining AnkiHub and syncing have I noticed that some of the Anking cards flicker different shades of gray as if to count down before the red exclamation marks appear at the bottom of the front of the card. I’ve found it very distracting after 4 years of a solid background. Is there a way to get rid of this?


You can turn off the exclamation points, perhaps that will solve your issue

  1. Download the AnKing note types addon
  2. On your Anki → top left → AnKing → AnKing note types
  3. Turn off timer

Fixed! Thank you!

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