Anking Overhaul and Sketchy Pepper Style Deck

I use Sketchy avidly for learning and am about to give Step 2. I subscribed to

Sketchy Medical for Step 1 & 2 - Pepper Style deck and also the Anking Overhaul deck.

  1. Am I supposed to learn both decks to get Sketchy Clinical content?
    If yes, how do I do that?

  2. Does Anking Overhaul deck contain as much Sketchy Clinical content as the Pepper deck and in that case, can I ignore Pepper deck?

  3. If not, how do I integrate the two decks?

  4. I just thought of subdecking the Pepper deck under Anking Overhaul. Will that prevent me from getting updates from ANKIHUB for PEPPER deck/ANKING OVERHAUL deck?

Answered here: Anking Overhaul and Sketchy Pepper - #3 by Ahmed7