Anking Overhaul and Sketchy Pepper

I subscribed to

Sketchy Medical for Step 1 & 2 - Pepper Style deck and also the Anking Overhaul deck.

  1. Am I supposed to learn both decks to get Sketchy Clinical content?
    If yes, how do I do that?

  2. Does Anking Overhaul deck contain as much Sketchy Clinical content as the Pepper deck and in that case, can I ignore Pepper deck?

  3. If not, how do I integrate the two decks?

  4. I just thought of subdecking the Pepper deck under Anking Overhaul. Will that prevent me from getting updates from ANKIHUB for PEPPER deck/ANKING OVERHAUL deck?

In my personal experience, I’ve completed the AnKing Overhaul Deck, and I find that it’s comprehensive enough on its own without the need for additional decks, especially considering it already incorporates Sketchy.

  1. If you are referring to both AnKing overhaul and Pepper. Then no, you only need one from my own experience (although I have never tried the pepper decks). All you need to score really well is AnKing Overhaul + 1-2 QBanks + a primary learning resource like BNB/Pathoma +/- Sketchy. You definitely do not need two decks, it will be way too much IMO. We are constantly adding Sketchy Clinical Step 2 images/tags regularly as well.

  2. I don’t have much experience with Pepper deck so not sure, but it definitely is the most updated. Pictures and tags are added regularly for most of the videos, SketchyImmunology for example is being added right now by a couple of users. AnKing Overhaul is sufficient for Sketchy content in summary

  3. See above

  4. You can do this, no it will not prevent you from getting updates for both. They will work like they are separate

Hope this answers your question! :grinning: